Where in the world?

Welcome to my first travel blog. This is all about new and exciting places you could visit, if you are like us, Liz and Graham, a retired couple who want to travel the world on a budget.

Advertise your home for exchange on a home swap site and you won’t know where in the world an offer to exchange a two week stay, will come from.

That’s the point. Home exchanging for holidays is like that.

Someone wants to stay in your flat or house for a couple of weeks. You look at what they are offering, the weeks they want, the house they have, the facilities and tourist attractions nearby.

And the location.. You go……WHERE?

They may be places you might not have thought of. Countries you have not considered before or have hardly heard of. They may exist in your mind as no more than a dot on a map.

A two week holiday there? Beyond your current horizon? There’s the excitement; you never know where you might go. I’ll talk you through the benefits, points to watch and pitfalls to avoid, in my next blog and tell some exciting stories along the way. Join me very soon.

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